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Modern Learning

The prevention of summer learning lost is one of our main goals. We provide a safe and fun environment for campers and educational enrichment classes in Reading, English and Math Basics. Our computer lab provides computer training and more computer based lessons.

All classes encourage the development of life skills, respect for others, and positive social interaction.

In addition to the educational sessions.

Virtual Conference

Kindergarten and first grade children check out books from our library for reading at home and in camp. Our goal is: to encourage our children to become better readers, and to work with the parents to foster reading readiness at grade level prior to the completion of second grade.


Students in grades two (2) and above have to demonstrate evidence based comprehension in keeping with the current public school curriculum; this will involve doing simple book reports from books/passages read during class session.

  • Children checking out books from our library are eligible for the Jefferson Parish Public Library’s Summer Reading program.   Weekly records are kept on all books checked out by campers and books read during camp sessions.



Children in grade three and above will have lessons/drills in math basics. This will include multiplication tables, addition, subtraction and division without the aid of a calculator. First and second graders will practice addition and subtraction basics.


  • Campers learn about healthy meal choices. Nutrition classes are provided by LSU Ag Center.

  • Campers learn to play chess. Playing the game of Chess improves the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child. In addition, a child can also learn the importance of foresight, and planning.       

  • Campers have Anger Management lessons. Anger management can help a child learn better ways to cope with angry feelings. Encourage your child to express his anger through talking or help him/her convert their anger to other emotions.

  • Campers learn photography and appreciation for art. Giving children an appreciation for art encourages exploration, self expression, logical thinking, self-esteem, imagination, and creativity.

  • Play sessions allow kids to have a recreation period. Age appropriate movies will be shown to all age levels. Kids are also introduced to age appropriate arts and crafts projects. These projects are designed to enhance the books and passages read in camp.


Our camp includes free breakfast and lunch to all campers.

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